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To be a tutor is to embark on a very beautiful adventure. You will grow personally and professionally and to accompany you in this development, the ICL reveals its 10 tips to be a great tutor!

Know how to make yourself available

Being a tutor comes in addition to your daily missions. You will have to devote time to welcoming, supporting and monitoring your work-study student. To do this, schedule regular discussion times in your respective agendas and take time for this new role. Training your work-study student in your products, your services, commercial discourse, knowledge of your organization, is to ensure its success and facilitate its autonomy.

1. Plan the activity and set goals

The first steps in the world of work are rich in novelties for the work-study student who needs to be supported. For this, plan its activity. Take advantage of the weeks when your work-study student is at the ICL so that when he returns to work, he knows what he has to do. Also, remember to set him goals to motivate him, evaluate his performance, measure his progress. Goals can be set with him, so you will know the skills he has acquired before joining you.

2. Listen

Welcoming a work-study student requires special attention on your part. Listening to them means discovering them and knowing their needs, their desires, their wishes. Generation Z likes to tell stories. You are interested in their life and their personality is therefore essential to make them grow and you will discover amazing things! Listening to a work-study student is like listening to customers: you understand their needs and you can use them as leverage in your management to succeed together.

3. Be patient

Alexis LEJOLIVET, our director, says it: “A work-study student cannot do all these things that seem basic. Yes, a work-study student will ask you how to configure their email signature”. Your work-study student is at the start of his career and he does not master the trivial tasks that you carry out on a daily basis. Teach them with kindness and patience, they will surprise you on many other points!

4. Know how to be surprised by the student

Let’s accept it: they are better than us on many subjects! They were born with a phone in their hand and master digital tools better than anyone. They are a force of proposal to digitize your activities thanks to an application of which you are unaware of the existence. They have a fresh look at your business and they are the generation of your future customers. They can positively shake up the codes of your company and their objective is simple: to be at your side for great successes! If you give them the codes, they will do wonders.

5. Know how to communicate

You are a good communicator, you have unparalleled interpersonal skills, you know how to speak in public perfectly and you are even said to be the ace of the pitch  ! But do you know how to communicate with a young audience? Their vocabulary, their social codes are different from ours (no, they and we do not come from the same world). Be curious and learn to communicate with them differently by establishing your own rules. The key to a great alternating-tutor relationship is communication.

6. Refuel

As you have understood, recruiting a work-study student is not easy. He will ask you often, you will prepare his activity in addition to yours and you will have to coach him. For this, be in a positive posture and fill up with energy to live this great adventure. Preparing for it and planning for it is a process to initiate before your arrival.

7. Know how to transmit

You are full of resources, be sure of it! Accompanying a work-study student also means being aware that your expertise is worth gold in their eyes and that this transmission is in your hands. To learn more ? Your work-study student is just waiting for this!

8. Accept learning

By recruiting a work-study student, you are choosing to recruit a beginner, let’s not forget that. Trust him to carry out the missions entrusted. Accepting that he makes mistakes is sometimes difficult to manage. Prepare yourself and teach him to correct himself so that he flourishes by your side.

9. Get a Netflix subscription

Around the coffee machine, discussions with your work-study student will be different from those you may have with your other colleagues. A little advice: be up to date with the latest Netflix series and don’t miss the buzz shots of the last seasons to share them with him. Have fun!

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