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Its mission: to learn to read, write, count and much more

Professional pedagogy , the school teacher teaches students to read, write, count, but his role is not limited to that. It engages students in the construction of their educational and academic paths. By having at heart to create a positive relationship with the classroom and learning, it allows students to acquire fundamental knowledge and arouses in them an interest in the world around them.

His daily life: a versatile, open and attentive teacher

French, mathematics, history and geography, experimental sciences, living language, music, plastic arts, artistic practices, sports education, digital culture… The school teacher must know how to teach everything and therefore have a good general culture .

Teaching students requires rigor , patience and a great sense of listening . The primary school teacher must know how to capture attention, constantly adapt and explain things clearly, to pupils and families alike. He develops educational content and assesses the acquisition of skills throughout the year, having a global vision of his class and his students.

The school teacher must also carry out projects, for example setting up class outings, developing educational projects, as a team and in partnership with associations or the town hall.

Open to others , he has a taste for dialogue and knows how to involve all the actors surrounding the student: parents, external contributors, etc.

The school teacher has a busy schedule . His work is not limited to class attendance. Even if the timetables may differ from one school to another, the primary school teacher must provide 24 hours of teaching per week and 108 hours of teamwork per year within a cycle of teaching, activities additional teaching and participation in school councils.

Added to this is the preparation time for lessons, the correction of student productions and the monitoring of relations with students’ parents.

How to become a school teacher?

After the baccalaureate, students who intend to work as school teachers can follow a work-study course from the first year of the license with different systems including the preparatory course for school teachers (PPPE) . While obtaining a national bachelor’s degree, students benefit from specific disciplinary reinforcement teaching in order to better understand the teaching staff of the schools.

After a bachelor’s degree , it is advisable to follow the MEEF master ‘s training specializing in the teaching, education and training professions. This training integrates in its teachings oriented towards the practice of the profession a preparation for the teacher recruitment competition. To teach in primary school (kindergarten and elementary school), you must have passed the CRPE recruitment competition . This is an academic competition. The competitions are organized at the end of the second year of the master’s degree.

Once they have passed the competition, the winners are appointed trainee school teachers and assigned to one of the departments of the academy in which they were recruited. Winners of external competitions must hold a master’s degree to be nominated.

During a school year, the trainee teachers follow an adapted alternating training. The training offered in Inspé is different depending on whether the teacher is a winner of the internal competition, with confirmed teaching experience, winner of the same competition, with teaching experience, but changing degree or discipline, winner of the third competition, laureate of the external competition without professional experience, laureate of the external competition having benefited from a work-study program, etc.

The adaptation of the initial training course supposes that an adequate time, different according to the course, is devoted to it. This can result in exercise quotas or the granting of different discharges depending on the training course.

This year of training is remunerated .

In the course of the year, they formulate wishes for their first assignment as full professor. They are established after obtaining a favorable opinion from the academic jury for the evaluation of the internship in responsibility.

Paid from his work-study year, a school teacher starts at 2,000 euros gross monthly once tenured. He can earn up to 3,626 euros gross monthly at the end of his career (excluding additional allowances).

Career: a job that allows you to progress in your professional life

The school teacher is required throughout his career to update and complete his knowledge through continuing education.  Teachers can also evolve in the exercise of their profession or change activity within the National Education.

Those of them who wish to progress to other functions have privileged interlocutors to support their projects within the academic services , with the human resources departments -in particular the mobility/career advisers-, but also with the staff of school inspection and management staff .

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