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In recent years, the education sector has experienced a continuous evolution of the method of learning and teaching courses. If the old method was centered on the teacher, new methods rather put the learner at the center of teaching. One of them takes into account the rearrangement of the classroom. But how can a change in furniture impact teaching and in particular the learner? Find out here.

What are the impacts of classroom redesign on learners?

The passive aspect remains one of the problems with traditional education. With this method, the teacher is only limited to teaching classes and lessons for hours . In this approach, little latitude is left to the learner to participate in the course. Numerous studies have been carried out in this direction in an attempt to bring new solutions to the education sector. Among the solutions proposed by the experts is the reinvention of the classroom. The idea is to make it more flexible and conducive to the development of learners . This is the concept of the evolutionary class. It is a question of inducing a new pedagogy by demonstrating innovation or originality.

Indeed, with the progressive class, the objective is to make the atmosphere more pleasant for the transmission of knowledge. The school is a place of learning and we now want to transform it into a real place of development for learners. It is a question of reviewing the configuration of the rooms to allow a better participation of the latter . However, choosing the right school furniture is essential to achieve such a result. To achieve this, several schools are choosing modular furniture. This allows learners to adopt different positions throughout the day unlike the old setup. The latter forces them to be frozen in a single posture. Modular furniture therefore allows learnersto remain more attentive throughout the course .

Thanks to the modular school furniture, the configuration of the class changes according to the activities. It is very practical for group work or manual activities to be done in pairs. Modular school furniture therefore promotes interaction and strengthens mutual support between learners . As a result, the academic performance of learners is greatly improved. This makes it possible to combat isolation and the feeling of loneliness in certain schoolchildren or pupils with socialization difficulties. With the evolving class, learners enjoy great mobility. This allows them to more easily carry out sensory and physical experiences of the theoretical courses. Indeed, according to research by Edgar Dale, we memorize more than 90% of what we do or say. On the other hand, we barely retain 50% of what we hear. The progressive class therefore encourages a new pedagogy that can be described as “making people do it”. In this approach, the learner actively participates in the construction of knowledge at school .

Opting for the concept of the evolving class by rearranging school furniture is also very useful for teachers. This allows them to better circulate in the class and to be more attentive to the needs of all learners. They are thus able to detect learners with particular difficulties more quickly .

The modularity of school furniture

The concept of the progressive class now requires the acquisition of modular furniture for the well-being of students . These allow the reorganization of the spatial configuration of the class according to the needs of the course. Thus, you will not need to take specific furniture for each new configuration. Modular furniture makes it possible to arrange different spaces in the same class . The modular furniture is also easily moved by the learners. They have wheels and end caps so as not to make noise.

Compliance with current standards

In France, the design of chairs and tables in schools is governed by standards NF 1729-1 and NF 1729-2. This furniture must therefore be solid, resistant and durable . This furniture must also comply with the NF EDUCATION standard. Indeed, this standard prescribes that school furniture must be resistant to household, household, food products and corrosion.

The choice of school furniture according to the colors

The world of children is much more ruled by colors. This is why you should also take this criterion into account when designing the classroom . Most of the time and in many schools, the emphasis is on wall decorations. However, to make the learner feel good in the classroom, you can add a few touches of color to the furniture. Whether nurseries or schools, you can choose furniture with bright colors . For nurseries, there is modular furniture on the market with different attractive shapes for children. These include cabinets or storage boxes for the various toysand children’s schoolbags. It is important to emphasize that toddler learners are very sensitive to the beauty of their classroom . Nothing should therefore be neglected or left to chance in the choice of school furniture.

How to rearrange the classroom in order to teach differently and encourage mutual aid?

As we have mentioned, the progressive class allows the learner to have better concentration and better attention. This option allows learners to have more opportunities for movement, to be more autonomous and to develop the spirit of cohesion . However, to obtain such results it is important to know how to arrange this space. Indeed, the way you set up your classroom can impact the way your learners think. Desks are one of the essential pieces of school furniture to have in a classroom . If in the past, they were arranged in a line and in a row, today it is possible to proceed differently. Here are some ideas for setting up your classroom.

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