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Write a Two Page Essay

Writing a two-page essay can seem like a herculean task. This requires writing skills and a lot of experience. If you are sufficiently organized and have planned your work properly, however, you can get there quickly. Students, high school students, but also anyone entering the world of work must write from time to time (and sometimes even daily). For many of us, writing can be stressful, and you can do

Be ready to write.

This is the first step towards completing your essay. You must ensure that your environment is comfortable and that you have all the tools you need (computer, paper, etc.) at your disposal. Make sure the atmosphere is conducive to your work. If you work more effectively in a quiet environment, go to a library. If you need some background noise, try a cafe where you can listen to music.

Choose your topic.

A successful essay needs a clear focus, so it’s important that you clearly define the topic of your essay. It’s easier to write about something that interests you, so try as much as possible to tailor your essay topic to something that will spark your curiosity. For a two-page essay, it is important to choose a well-defined topic so that you can discuss it within the framework imposed on you.

If your teacher has given you clear instructions, immediately define how you are going to approach the question. For example, if you are going to write an essay on the women’s movement and comment on its success, you will have to choose the position you will defend. Once you narrow down the point of view of your assignment, your essay will be much easier to write.

If the instructions given to you are more vague, you can define your subject yourself. For example, if you have been asked to write an essay on a subject that interests you, it will not be relevant to choose the sport, especially if your assignment should not be longer than two pages. Pick a narrower topic like tailgating in South America.

Know your subject.

 For example, if you’re writing an essay for an English literature class on the novel To Kill a Mockingbird, make sure you’ve read the book. Think about what you know about this topic. If you need to do some additional research, now is the time.

You don’t necessarily have to do too much research for a two-page essay. If you are unsure of the instructions you have been given, ask your teacher.

Organize your notes.

If you have compiled notes as a result of your research on this topic, make sure they are properly organized. Order them so that you can find them more easily. If you plan to use certain online resources, list the web pages you want to refer to, so you don’t have to worry about finding the information you need. Also, make sure you have the instructions for your assignment. Did your teacher or superior give you instructions? If so, he did it for a reason. Be sure to follow them.

Organize your thoughts.

If you’re thinking about taking your dog out for a walk, do it. If you’re thinking about something other than writing your essay, get to it as quickly as possible. Otherwise, focus only on your duty. The rest of your life will still be present when you complete your duty. And you can get back to your business much faster if you are organized and focused.

Find your thesis statement .

One such technique is to question yourself. To use this approach, think about what your reader would like to know about your topic. For example, start with very simple questions such as who , what , why , etc.

For example, if you have to write a two-page essay on a subject that interests you, think about your audience (and the details you will need to give them on this subject), what is the most relevant information and why this subject interests you. interested.

The branching system can also help you develop your thesis. Try to picture your subject as a tree. Write your first idea in the middle of a sheet of paper and then branch it out to other thoughts on this central topic.

Don’t censor yourself and just write whatever comes to mind. Once you can see your thoughts on a sheet of paper, you can begin to shape them. It is useful to do this before writing your outline, as this method gives you a better idea of ​​what aspects of your topic you need to cover.

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